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Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Joe Ring has been working in fused and stained glass for the last fifty years and accumulating knowledge and experience  which he now offers to you in the form of instructional videos.  Some of these videos are short, exploring one topic, and others may be a collection of videos with some length that explore multiple issues in detail.  These videos are available to purchase and view and to download, but you must first sign in or register.

Click on the Underlined Class Title below to link to the classes page to get

more information and or to purchase.

Glass Cutting -  Sale!

Quick Glass Cutting Tips
#1 Demonstrates proper technique for scoring and breaking double thick or heavy plate glass.      

                                                                Sale $7.50


#2  Shows how to cut identical size rectangles and squares in seconds using the Creators Stained Glass beetle cutting system.                                           

                                                                Sale $7.50

Glass Cutting Class-                 Sale Price   

Total time 2 hours and 47 minutes     For all 5 videos $30.00

 Part 1 - Glass Tools                           or  $10.00  separately

 Part 2 - Straight Cutting                   or  $ 7.50   separately

 Part 3 - Flying Beetle                        or  $ 7.50   separately

 Part 4 - Shape Cutting                      or  $ 7.50  separately

 Part 5 - Circle Cutting                       or  $ 7.50. separately

                          Videos can be purchased as a collection

at a reduced price or separately.

Glass Fusing Tutorials

Introduction to Fusing

Total time 4 hours 11 minutes          For all 9 videos $79.95

Part 1 - Glass Compatibility                or $10.00  separately

Part 2 - Devitrification                          or $15.00  separately

Part 3 - Glass Annealing                      or $10.00  separately

Part 4 - Volume Control                       or $15.00  separately

Part 5 - Bubble Control                       or $10.00  separately

Part 6 - Test Board       Eleven pdfs.   or $15.00  separately

Part 7 - Molds & Their Preparation    or $20.00  separately

Part 8 - Project One     Two pdfs.       or $15.00  separately

Part 9 - Project Two      Three pdfs.    or $18.00  separately

                          Videos can be purchased as a collection

at a reduced price or separately.

Tealights from Scrap

Tealights from Scrap Glass-Part 1-Goes through three different ways of creating blanks for forming tealights from scrap glass.                     $18.00

Tealights from Scrap Glass-Part 2-Demonstrates the firing and bending of your glass blanks in creating the tealights.                                            $15.00

Both tutorials provided with PDFs.

Frit Casting

Total time approximately 29 minutes       For all 3 videos $22.00

Part 1-Shows mold preparation.               or $10.00   separately

Part 2-Covers filling the mold.                  or $10.00   separately

Part 3-Covers firing the mold.                   or $ 8.00    separately

                         Videos can be purchased as a collection

at a reduced price or separately.

Color Line Painting

Color Line Paint Tutorials-Part 1-Covers preparing the paint, using the tip set and exercises for making straight lines and dots.                            $10.00


Color Line Paint Tutorials-Part 2-Covers painting shapes, using a light box, image transfer, lettering and cleanup.                                                     $10.00        

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