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  • Will the colors of the fused glass flowers fade?
    Glass flowers don't fade or degrade with time. They can be left outside all year.
  • What is fused glass?
    Fused glass is made by cutting and shaping pieces of glass that are placed in a kiln, where they are heated to a temperature that joins the pieces together.
  • Are firing schedules accurate for all kilns?
    Each kiln is different and the desired results may vary even with the same model. We recommend that you test each firing schedule and don't alter the temperature by more than 25 degrees up or down at one time. Make sure that you are documenting any changes that are made. Our Test Board tutorial in the Introduction to Fusing video collection is very imformative can serve as a great aid.
  • Can any glass be fused in a kiln?
    Yes. Any glass can be fused, but the pieces must be compatible. To be compatible glass must have the same coefficient of expansion, or COE. If you mix glass with different COE's in a project and fire it in a kiln the project will crack. The most fusible art glass has a COE of either 90 or 96. Our Compatibility tutorial in the Introduction to Fusing video collection goes into detail about this important topic.
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