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Each flower has a Tiffany style iridescent coating that makes it sparkle in the sunlight. 


The stem for these fused glass flowers is 12” inches long, made of 3/16 inch threaded steel with a 45 degree bend.  It is attached to the flower with a threaded stem nut that is permanently adhered to the back of the flower.  There is an additional 12” inches long threaded rod that can be joined with the supplied metal connector to extend the length of the stem to 24”.


We have tested the strong bond of the waterproof glue holding the stem nut by leaving a sampling of the flowers outside all year long in our Minnesota backyard.  It is very cold and snowy here in winter, and very hot and rainy in the summer.  We have a beautiful glass flower garden in all seasons.

Fused Glass - Red Daisy 6"

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