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New Studio Project

When J Ring Glass Studio closed its physical store and studio in March of 2022, Susan and Joe were left with the dilemma of finding another space to create their art. Their basement would not suffice, too small. They needed a place close to where they lived that would meet all their needs. After a fruitless search the answer was literally in their own backyard. They made the decision to tear down their existing two car garage and build an ADU, an Accessory Dwelling Unit. This structure will have a two door double garage with a second floor. On the second floor will be a large studio space with sink and drain, water supply and a floor drain. There will also be a full bathroom, so this would qualify as an apartment. Back on the ground floor there will be a screened in porch. To top it all off the ADU will have an array of solar panels on the roof to supplement the electricity to the ADU and the main house. There will also be solar panels placed on the roof of the main house. Both structures will feed into a monitoring and management system that can store the excess energy in a backup battery.

The following blogs are a documentation of the process and completion on the building of this project. There will be monthly updates with the end of the construction estimated to be in the fall.

Please forward this link to anyone you think may have an interest in a project like this.

Email us with any comments on this blog content or any other future blogs or live classes that Joe is teaching at Potekglass.

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