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A Boring Day

Now that the garage has been razed there was room to bring in the heavy equipment. We used the house to supply water to the ADU. To do so we had to drill ten feet down under the house foundation and then come up a foot beneath the basement slab to where the water supply comes into the house. The company we used has a directional boring machine which used a walk-over system. A sonde, or transmitter, behind the bore head registers angle, rotation, direction, and temperature data. This information is encoded into an electromagnetic signal and transmitted through the ground to the surface. At the surface a receiver or locator is manually positioned over the sonde, the signal is decoded and steering directions are relayed to the bore machine operator. He then was able to guide the drill head to the exact location. Once they broke through they attached a leader and the new plastic water pipe to the drill head. They retract the drill head with the attached new pipe to the surface, detach it from the drill head, move the machine and pull up the lengths of plastic pipe.

The next step is the survey.

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