Intro to Stained Glass WCCO Telecast

During the course of our packing and unpacking all of our materials for our move to 1902 Minnehaha Ave West, we found our long lost copy of the WCCO broadcast of making a leaded glass window for live tv. This two hour morning show was a live telecast in the spring of 2001. This undertaking came about because over the years we had a number of WCCO personnel who were customers of ours, including Don Shelby, Dennis Dooda and Kathy Wurzer. These folks made the name J Ring Glass Studio very familiar around the news room at the station, which led the reporter Chandra Michaels to get the idea of constructing a stained glass window project live on the WCCO morning show. To see if this was possible she contacted me and the rest is for you to see. Now sixteen years later with the help of Youtube we would like to share this event with you. Click HERE to watch it on Youtube.

After watching the video of the live telecast you may ask why we used lead came rather than copper foil. To answer that question I could go on about structure or visual appearance, but the bottom line is that with the lead we could complete the project in the two hours provided, copper foil would have taken one to two hours longer.