Free Shipping

Free Shipping is automatically applied to orders of $75.00 or more and with a delivery address within the Spee-Dee Delivery service area and the Free local delivery button is selected at checkout. Free Shipping is for retail orders only.
That area covers the seven states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Spee-Dee also delivers to parts of Missouri with zip-codes of 630-631 and 633 prefixes.

If you are ordering sheet glass and or individual metals there will be boxing charges applied to your order. A box will appear at the checkout page alerting you about the boxing charges for your order. For more information on those charges click here.
If you want us to ship 24" x 24" sheets they have to be cut in half to ship in a box. The same is true for 20" x 35" size sheets. You must bring this to our attention in the Ordering Instructions or Comment section at checkout because the default for that size sheet is In-Store Pickup. Your total will adjusted when we process your order.