Tree of Life No.340

Item Number: 340
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340-042118    Tree of Life
                      April 21, 2018    9:30AM to 2:30PM   New Class Dates

340-012018  January 20, 2018    9:30AM to 2:30PM   This Class is filled.

Each student will make a 6” x 9” fused glass panel using recycled bottle and window glass.
The students will be introduced to the principles of glass compatibility and devitrification. The teacher will cover the techniques needed to prepare the glass bottles and float glass so they can be used in the project. The students will also be shown how to mix a medium with glass so they can sculpt the three dimensional design of the project.
Each student will need to supply three colored glass bottles (wine or beer) but all other materials and supplies will be provided.
No glass crafting experience needed.