Fusing With Window Glass (Float Glass)
and Bottles No. 360

Item Number: 360
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Thursdays 6:00PM to 9:00PM    
               October 26, 2017
                        November 2, 2017
                          November 9, 2017
                            November 16, 2017
For the glass crafter who would like to include commercial glass materials like window glass and bottles into their inventory of material foe their work, this is the class for you.The techniques and topics covered in this class are as follows:
* Dealing with the devitrification issue of commercial glass.
* Using a wide range annealing techniques.
* Manipulation, saw cutting and hand cutting techniques for commercial glass.
* Application techniques of enamel frits for color.
* Kiln carving to create patterns and textures.
* Cold working and fire polishing of glass.

The student will complete a number of samples using the above techniques in the class. The prerequisite of for the class is a basic understanding of glass fusing and kiln operation and firing schedules.